9 Right Steps to Get Your Driving License in Kuwait 2023

I have great news, now you can also have a driving license in Kuwait. We know how essential it is to own a car and have a driving license and We all expats struggle to get our driving license in Kuwait due to strict rules & regulations, or due to misleading information.

But need not worry anymore, I have got the most updated and latest news related to the driving license in Kuwait 2023 and going to make your work done in a few simpler steps.

Eligibility Criteria of License 

  • Applicant should be present in Kuwait
  • Should be holding a valid visa in Kuwait
  • Should have university degree attested
  • Should currently hold 600kd salary
  • Applicant should be above 18 years of Age


Kuwait Driving License Requirements

  • Original and copies of Kuwait civil id
  • Passport-sized photograph 4pcs
  • Passport and its copy
  • Attested Degree with Arabic Translations (Kharjia)
  • Ethimad Tokyo of Company &Ethimad Tokyo of Traffic Departments ( Proof of Employment )
  • Employers / Khafeel Civil Id Copy
  • Proof of billing and residential address, copy of electricity bill
  • Native driving license and its translation if you got any.
  • Salary slip of 600kd attested by the company (Isnaimal Copy)
  • Copy of work permit from the Ministry of social affairs & Labor
  • Eye and blood test report


Offices & Locations of Departments

  1. Muroor office (administration)
  • Ahmadi governorate
  • Hawalli governorate
  • Mubarak-al-kabir governorate
  • Farwaniya governorate
  • Capital governorate
  • Jahra governorate

9 Right Steps to Get Your Driving License in Kuwait 2023


  1. Eye test clinic
  • Qortuba eye test clinic
  • Mishrif eye test clinic
  • Eye test for driving license Kuwait
  • Kuwait specialized eye check shaab


9 Correct Steps To Get Driving License In Kuwait 2023


  1. Get the driving license form from below link


  1. Prepare all the documents mentioned above, then go the muroor office(traffic administration department) in your area, and submit your document file there.


  1. Then they will direct you to the government-assigned eye check-up clinic for eye tests, they will require your blood test too.


  1. After the check-up is done, they will give you a report and you will come back to the murror office, a new photo will be taken and you have to buy a 10KD stamp.


  1. Once reports are well and all documents are correct, you will be provided with istimara (temporary permission), which is a green color paper, which is basically a learning license.


  1. After that you will have to join the driving school, where you will get trained. For training, you can rent a car or you can borrow from friends or family but the owner should be with you, as it’s not legal to use another person’s car.


Make Sure to Practice in Your Murror’s Tracks – Your Trainer knows the details


Then you will have one month to prepare for the exam. There will be theoretical and practical exam both.

9 Right Steps to Get Your Driving License in Kuwait 2023

Practice You Theoretical Exam Here – Click Here


  1. In theoretical, you will be given a signs card which you will have to learn/memorize, and in the exam, there will be 20mcq questions out of which you need to get at least 18 right answers. You will have to visit your area’s traffic department to give a written test.


  1. Then practical test, you will have to give a driving exam, and each attempt cost 10kd. If you fail the driving test, you can give another attempt on the given dates and keep trying until you pass.

9 Right Steps to Get Your Driving License in Kuwait 2023


  1. After you pass the driving test, you will have to come back to the muroor office with result to collect the original Kuwait driving license card.

Right 9 Steps To Get Your Driving License In Kuwait 2023

Fee Structure For License

  • Application fee: 10 KD
  • Medical exam fee: 5 KD
  • Written test fee: 10 KD + Stamp 5 KD
  • Driving test fee:10 KD


It’s not impossible to get the license in Kuwait as people say, it’s just we need proper guidance and facility, and finance to get through the Kuwait driving license process. With the correct documents and following the right step, it won’t take much longer to have a license in your hand. So all the best for successfully achieving driving license in Kuwait.



Can expats get driving license in Kuwait?

Surely yes, expats can get driving licenses too if it is done through proper paperwork and followed the correct rules. True that expats require to do more hustle to get the driving license in Kuwait but its possible to achieve in minimum time.


How much does it cost to get a driving license in Kuwait?

For a new driving license in Kuwait, it costs around 40KD. The application form costs 10kd, the medical test will cost you 5kd, the theoretical test will cost 15kd, and the driving test cost 10kd per attempt. Now overall cost depends on the applicant that in how many attempt he/she clears the test.


How long does a driving license is valid in Kuwait?

Driving license for domestic drivers in Kuwait is valid for a year, the Kuwait government has recently passed the rule on 26 April 2023. Read More


Which other country’s driving license is accepted in Kuwait?

Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, United States of America, or you need to have International Driving Permit(IDP) to drive in Kuwait.


Can I drive in Kuwait with Philippine, Indian, or Pakistani license?

No, expats can not drive with their native country’s driving license, in Kuwait you need to get a valid Kuwait driving license. Except that you are citizen of GCC country.

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