Top Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait

Here is the Key to find Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait, as We all believe that working and earning money is our necessity right after our college life ends, and for some people, it’s even before that. We migrate from one place to another in search of better job opportunities, better pay, and the lifestyle that we want to earn. It’s the same for our Kuwait expats, we all mostly come to Kuwait to earn, as we know Kuwait is one of the richest countries. 85-90% of the expats are working in Kuwait, whether male or female, or newly pass out students. It is difficult to find the job role that suits us best, especially in a competitive market like Kuwait. So to make our expats’ life a bit easier, we bringing you the right and official websites to apply for jobs.

Applying through the right channels is important in a job search in Kuwait, every job seeker must be having a LinkedIn account but besides that we need to apply through various websites to make the job searching process faster. So here are some websites:

List of Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait 2023 is one of the famous websites for job searches. It was founded in 2000 in Dubai and expanded in other gulf and North African countries, and ever since it’s growing and helping find suitable jobs. It is one of the leading websites in Kuwait. This is best website for high position, full-time jobs. It has both free and paid option, where in paid you will get more access to premium features. It post over 100s of job vacancy on its website on daily basis.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait is a gulf version of the most famous Indian Naukri website. It is owned by InfoEdge India. It is expanded in all Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. It offers you the most recent job vacancy post in Kuwait. This website also has both free and paid options where paid option will give you premium access to the website. This website will show you full-time and part-time job vacancy post.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait


Indeed is an American worldwide job search website, which was founded in 2004. It is another well-known website in Kuwait for expats and job seekers. It provides mostly full-time employment. You may need to search a little extra on this website as it is not differently specified for Kuwait, and there can be mixed posts of international job vacancies. It is a good website if you are someone looking for a full-time entry-level job.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait

Kuwait Jobs Here

Kuwait Jobs Here is a Kuwait-based online job-searching website. It was launched in September 2019, for job seekers in Kuwait. This website is my personal favorite, as it provides full details with job vacancy posts such as job positions, locations, salary, and right contact details. It is good for someone who can’t pay for premium accounts/websites, as it is completely free to access. It posts 15-20 job posts daily. This website is another great option for applying for entry-level jobs.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait

1 Kuwait Jobs

1 Kuwait Jobs is another Kuwait- based job searching website. It is a free website for job seekers and employer to post job lists to find the right candidates. It contains the right amount of information and details about jobs. It is a good website for expats or students looking for part-time jobs to earn some extra.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait is yet another Kuwait-based job search website in Kuwait. It is specially designed in a user-friendly way where job seekers don’t need expertise in technology to use it. They have beautifully characterized the different categories of jobs, to make it easy to find your particular field to apply for. It has 1000s of job offers for expats and job seekers in Kuwait. You will find part-time, full-time, and internship job posts.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait


Tanqeeb is another middle east and North Africa (MENA) website for job search. It is also famous in Kuwait for its job post. This website only accepts the job advertisement if it’s true and authentic, which gives relief messages to job seekers and expats that those job offers are real to apply for. This website has mostly full-time and few part-time job offers. It mostly offers high job vacancy posts.

Best Websites for Job Search in Kuwait

Job Website in Kuwait 2023

1Bayt.comFREE & PAID
2naukrigulf.comFREE & PAID
4Kuwait jobs hereFREE
51 kuwait jobsFREE



Which is the most popular jobs in Kuwait?

Some of the all-time needing jobs are teachers, civil engineers, nurses, accountants, and electrical technicians, and there are many more evolving job categories.

Which is the best online jobs in Kuwait?

A few famous online jobs in Kuwait are social media manager, graphic designer, translator, editor, web developer, data analyst, SEO specialist, and many other trending online jobs.

What is the best way to find jobs in Kuwait?

You can send your CV to the company via LinkedIn,,, Naukri gulf, and other websites, also if you can build connections and networking in the market, and in the companies to get recommendations for job posts.

Why do need to have a CV?

CV is an important document that contains a candidate’s personal details, qualifications, achievements, work experience, and many other details. It helps the employer to understand and examine the candidate’s capability for the job. It is not only important to have a CV but also a good structure and well-designed CV, so it helps the candidate to pass the preliminary scanning stage and get a call for interview.

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